Year 9 Tutoring Sydney

Year 9 Tutoring in Sydney

Looking for year 9 tutoring to instil a passion for learning and academic growth? Hawkeye Education are Sydney's leading provider of tutoring. We offer personalised year 9 tutoring that focuses on engaging students with their schoolwork and laying the foundation to successfully transition into their senior years of high school.

Located in Marrickville in Sydney's Inner West, Hawkeye Education provides the ideal environment to support year 9 students in taking control of their study habits and grades. Year 9 can feel like no man's land for students, but it's the perfect time to create productive habits and establish mindful practices that can be taken into the remaining years of school and further.

At Hawkeye Education, we take a holistic approach to tutoring year 9 students in Sydney. We don't solely focus on marks; instead, our year 9 tutors take on a mentorship role that involves inspiring and motivating our students through word, action, and example.


Flexible Learning


1 on 1 Tutoring


Engaging Lessons


Tutoring Every Year Level

Hawkeye Education exclusively offers one-on-one tutoring for Sydney students seeking individualised attention and guidance. Private lessons are the best way to ensure your child receives the personalised attention they need to improve.

Learning how to deal with challenges in the middle years of high school will fully equip your child to deal with more difficult coursework as they progress into their senior years. Troubleshooting with a tutor allows students to meet the challenges of the HSC with the fortitude that comes from setting and meeting goals during year 9 tutoring.

We offer year 9 tutoring for English, Maths, Science and History. Our tutors will adapt sessions to deal with each student's needs and goals, including helping students manage their time, develop study habits, or prioritise tasks effectively. Tutoring can also offer more specific knowledge and skills depending on the subject area in question.

We welcome students of all abilities and backgrounds to our inclusive and friendly tutoring centre. Our services are not just for students who are struggling; high achieving students also benefit from personalised lessons to challenge their abilities and broaden their horizons.


Unlock Your Child's Potential with Hawkeye Education

Our small team of carefully selected year 9 tutors all achieved outstanding results in high school and have first-hand experience of what it takes to succeed. They're ready to share their pre-existing knowledge with their students, showing them how to effectively and efficiently prepare for any assessment that comes their way.

Our philosophy is that a strong teacher-student bond will support the learning process and help students feel comfortable. We always aim to assign a tutor that is well-aligned with a student's personality and learning style. Ideally, the same tutor will work with your child for the duration of their tutoring experience.

The primary role of year 9 tutoring is to help students engage fully with their schoolwork and improve their overall marks. In year 9, students are offered more choice with their elective subjects than in the junior years of high school. Choosing electives allows students to concentrate on subjects they excel in and explore their passions more fully.

Our tutors will help students identify their strengths, making it easier to choose electives in year 9 and as the student progresses into year 10 and higher. Exploring new subjects with confidence and support plays a significant role in shaping a student's high school career and their life after school. We care about our students. We want to help each pupil to improve their academic results and flourish as individuals as they learn more about themselves, their strengths, and their weaknesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer Tutoring Online?

Yes, we offer online tutoring options for students who don't live locally or who can't commit to attending our education centre regularly. We take the same approach with online classes that we do for in-person sessions; each lesson will be fully tailored to the needs and goals of an individual student.


How Long Is Each Session?

Standard sessions are one hour long for year 9 students. If you feel an extended session would be beneficial, we can also accommodate 90-minute sessions for students approaching exams or complex assessments.


Do Your Offer Home Visits?

No, we don't offer home visits for tutoring. An excellent option for year 9 students who cannot attend our centre in person is to enrol in online tutoring.


How Are Your Fees Structured?

Our fees start at $70 for hour-long sessions, and longer sessions are charged at a higher rate. We offer lessons for purchase in packs of 10 so that you'll have tutoring pre-paid for a whole term.


What If I Want to Start Tutoring Mid-Term?

You're welcome to enrol your child in tutoring mid-term. Payments are still arranged in packs of 10, which gives you a few options. You can either book in multiple sessions each week before the end of term, or you can use a discount code for your next 10-pack if you're not able to use up all your sessions before they expire.


Do You Group Tutoring for Sydney Students?

No – each session is one-on-one. We're 100% committed to providing personalised lessons for each of our students. In line with this commitment, we don't offer group tutoring sessions for any of our Sydney students.


Are Your Tutoring Sessions Flexible?

Yes, at Hawkeye Education, we're focused on creating a collaborative and flexible atmosphere that allows our students to thrive academically and feel comfortable. The teenage years represent a time of great upheaval for most students, and we know that balancing school, family, and social commitments in a busy city like Sydney is challenging. We will always do our best to fit in with your schedule and are more than happy to move things around if that becomes necessary.

Absolutely amazing! So grateful for the dedication and care towards my children. Thank you for all of the hard work and effort put towards my kids’ education. Truly recommend!


Hawkeye Education is an amazing tutoring centre! Really great approach in catering to all types of skill level and offers a wide variety of teaching skills that is helpful for all students, allowing them to develop great relationships with their tutor! As a previous student, I would highly recommend this centre to any parents wishing to get there kids started in tutoring. As a person who was not confident in Maths or English, Hawkeye Education definitely helped me succeed during my high school years!


My son is in Year 11 and his Hawkeye Education maths tutor is wonderful. He has really helped my son. We love Hawkeye Education!!