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Your Year 7 Maths Tutor in Sydney

Regardless of whether your child excels at Mathematics, or struggles to grasp the basic principles, a year 7 maths tutor can bring the subject to life for a student at any level. At Hawkeye Education, we offer Sydney's premier private tutoring service that encourages academic distinction, personal confidence, and a passion for learning.

Situated in the heart of Sydney's Inner West, our Marrickville education centre is a hive of activity for our tutoring staff who are providing concrete improvements for the academic performance of year 7 maths students.

At Hawkeye, we take a comprehensive approach to private tutoring, not merely focussing on academic performance but also seeking to instil a sense of self-belief and confidence in our year 7 students’ learning abilities.

We believe that coming to love learning and engendering a sense of wonder in students is just as important as giving them the skills to improve in maths. Sustained academic excellence can only be achieved with continual effort. As such, all of our techniques are tailored specifically to each child's temperament and learning style to ensure long-term success in maths and other subjects.


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The Best Year 7 Maths Tutors Sydney-Wide

Recruiting only the top tutors available, Hawkeye are proud to offer the very best tutoring service Sydney families can rely on for excellent results. Our teachers are passionate educators who have all achieved high academic results themselves.

Despite being high achievers, our tutors aren't exclusively focused on high marks or improved maths results for their students. They're also great mentors who are heavily invested in the overall well-being of their pupils. We want our students to be excited and inspired to pursue learning throughout their entire life, long after mastering their year 7 maths classes. That's the Hawkeye difference; we don't just prepare students for exams; we prepare them for life.

Whether undergoing maths tutoring online or in-person, we've found that one-on-one sessions are the best way for students to get the most out of their tutoring experience. From the very beginning, we make a point of pairing a student and tutor for the duration of their maths tutoring experience so that they can form a productive and mutually upbuilding relationship.


Customised Maths Tutoring for Sydney Students

Offering one-on-one sessions for all year 7 maths students allows our tutors the ability to give each child the individual attention they need without the distraction of other students or stimuli.

Regular private classes provide students with the time and space needed to fully articulate what they're struggling with within the maths curriculum without embarrassment in front of their friends or peers. The tutor can then tailor each session to focus on the students' academic weaknesses to work towards their goals over time.

At Hawkeye Education, we welcome students from all backgrounds and abilities. Even advanced students can benefit from private sessions, as their tutor can push them beyond the year 7 maths syllabus and prepare them for more advanced mathematics in higher years.

Making the move from Primary School can be demanding for a child on both an academic and emotional level. Our goal is to assist students to adapt to High School with tailored maths tutoring that helps them feel more comfortable in their new environment. At Hawkeye, we don't have a set curriculum; we customise lessons to meet the individual needs of our students.

We have no doubt that you and your child will benefit from joining the Hawkeye family. Book a free trial session for year 7 maths tutoring online or in-person today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Hawkeye Education?

At Hawkeye Education, our goal is to provide a well-rounded educational environment that supports your child's academic and personal growth during their formative teenage years.

Prioritising your child's education is important; however, we realise it's a challenge to balance work, family, and school life for Sydney families. Signing up with Hawkeye Education means that we'll always fit in with your schedule, finding a time that suits you and your family, even if that means taking up year 7 maths tutoring online.

How Long Are Maths Lessons?

Our maths tutoring sessions for year 7 students in Sydney are one hour in length. We also provide 90 minute sessions, which may be beneficial for high school students and those preparing for exams.

Do You Run Maths Tutoring Online?

Yes, we offer year 7 maths tutoring online. Online tutoring is convenient for students and families with busy schedules who cannot make it into our Marrickville centre or for students who live outside of Sydney.

Can Your Maths Tutors Come to My House?

While we offer online tutoring, we don't currently offer in-house physical tutoring. If you can't make it onto our Sydney centre, online sessions provide the same great individualised attention and guidance that our in-person sessions offer, from the comfort of your home.

Do You Do Maths Tutoring in Classes for Sydney Students?

We don't offer group maths classes at Hawkeye as we're committed to providing one-on-one sessions tailored entirely to our students and their individual needs. Private tutoring allows our tutors to customise their teaching to your child without the distraction of other students around.

What Are Your Fees and How Do I Arrange Payment?

Fees start at $70 an hour, and you can purchase sessions as a 10-pack. After you've completed your free introduction, you can buy your pack and book your sessions via our online scheduling system.

We structure payments as a 10-week plan so that your child has one maths tutoring session a week for the whole term. If you happen to start with us mid-term, we'll provide you with a discount code to use for the following term to make up the difference.

Our system also allows you to purchase more than one pack if you want to book two sessions a week for 10 weeks. These sessions can both be for maths or combined with other subjects that we offer at Hawkeye Education.

Absolutely amazing! So grateful for the dedication and care towards my children. Thank you for all of the hard work and effort put towards my kids’ education. Truly recommend!


Hawkeye Education is an amazing tutoring centre! Really great approach in catering to all types of skill level and offers a wide variety of teaching skills that is helpful for all students, allowing them to develop great relationships with their tutor! As a previous student, I would highly recommend this centre to any parents wishing to get there kids started in tutoring. As a person who was not confident in Maths or English, Hawkeye Education definitely helped me succeed during my high school years!


My son is in Year 11 and his Hawkeye Education maths tutor is wonderful. He has really helped my son. We love Hawkeye Education!!