Year 7 English Tutoring Sydney

Year 7 English Tutoring in Sydney

Whether your child is a high achiever or struggling to keep up, year 7 English tutoring with Hawkeye Education is designed to help students develop a love of learning, strong work ethic, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Located in Sydney’s Inner West, Hawkeye Education offers English tutoring specifically based on the NSW English syllabus for year 7 students. Our expert team of tutors take a holistic approach to private tutoring that allows our students to grow in their academic abilities and self-confidence simultaneously.  

As educators, we believe creating an atmosphere that ignites a passion for learning is of far greater value than simply learning by rote. We don’t follow a rigid schedule, rather we let the needs of the child, their skill level, and the style of teaching they respond best to guide us when creating a personalised lesson plan to target their individual needs and goals.

At the start of their High School career, year 7 students can sometimes find it challenging to adjust from their comfortable primary school environment to new surroundings, new classmates, a new timetable, and multiple new teachers. With a simplified, tailored approach to English classes, Hawkeye Education can help make this transition a little easier with year 7 English tutoring Sydney parents have come to rely on.


Flexible Learning


1 on 1 Tutoring


Engaging Lessons


Tailored Year 7 English Tutoring Sydney

In our experience, one on one sessions is the most effective way to deliver English tutoring that gives your child the individual attention they need. In this format, students can concentrate on the material exclusively, without the distraction of other students to sidetrack them.

Ideal for students who require specialised assistance with specific English material, topics, or techniques, our year 7 English tutoring in Sydney allows the student to direct the sessions according to their needs.

This allows the tutor to concentrate only on what is most relevant to the individual student and their English subject. The same is true for studious students who are advanced beyond their peers. Individualised classes will ensure they continue to be challenged and move beyond the English curriculum without being held back by a rigid classroom structure or other students.


The Best Year 7 English Tutors Sydney-wide

Your search for the best year 7 English tutors Sydney parents trust is over - the tutors at Hawkeye Education are the cream of the crop. We only employ English tutors who have themselves achieved high results in High School or University and who maintain a passion for learning and teaching.

However, academic results are not all we care about. Our tutors are indeed academically gifted, but we also value the ability to inspire and act as a mentor to younger pupils. It’s the combination of academic prowess and the ability to nurture and motivate that makes Hawkeye Education the premier English tutoring service in Sydney. We aim to prepare our year 7 students for life; not just doing well academically at school.  

To enable sustained academic improvement and personal confidence your child will be paired with the same tutor for the entire duration of their English tutoring experience. Starting with Sydney-based year 7 English tutoring, the student-mentor relationship will continue for as long as necessary. We believe this relationship underpins a stable learning environment that helps the student feel comfortable expressing their concerns, thoughts, and goals. If for any reason this relationship isn’t working well, we’re happy to reassign another tutor who is better suited.

We’re confident you and your child will fit in well with the Hawkeye family. We offer free trial sessions for year 7 English tutoring so you can get a feel for how things work before you commit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Are English Lessons? 

Standard lessons are one hour long. We also offer longer lessons of 1.5 hours and recommend these sessions for students in the initial phase of tutoring (particularly year 7 students) and just before exams.

How Much Do Lessons Cost?

English lessons at Hawkeye Education are tailored specifically to the student and delivered one-on-one. Fees start at $70 per hour and can be purchased as a 10 pack.

How Does Payment Work?

After you’ve completed your free trial, you can purchase a pack of 10 lessons online. Then you can use our online booking system to schedule your English lessons at a time that suits you. So, your lessons are pre-paid at the start of the term. If you join Hawkeye mid-term, we’ll give you a discount code to use for the following term so you're not out of pocket. You also have the option to buy two 10 packs, allowing you 2 sessions per week.

Do You Run Online Classes for English Tutoring?

Yes, we do! We usually recommend face-to-face learning, especially for younger students, but if it’s easier for you or you're not located in Sydney we’re happy to organise online lessons for year 7 English tutoring.

Can A Tutor Come to My House? 

We don’t offer home lessons; however, we do offer online sessions that your child can log in to from the comfort of home. This is a super convenient option if you’re strapped for time or if you’re not located close to us in Sydney.

Do You Run Class Lessons?

At Hawkeye Education, we believe that one on one sessions are the most effective tutoring format for year 7 students, so no, we don’t run class lessons. Private sessions allow us to tailor our English teaching specifically to your child, meaning their needs are met in the shortest time possible.

Why Choose Hawkeye Education?

At Hawkeye Education, we focus on making the year 7 tutoring experience a positive one that takes place in a supportive learning environment that enables sustained academic and personal growth.

We know that every student is unique, and every family has their own set of commitments, so we’ll always work around your schedule to find a time that suits. It’s all part of the service we deliver.

When you choose Hawkeye Education for year 7 English tutoring in Sydney, you have the option of in-person tutoring at our Marrickville centre or convenient online learning. We’re happy to accommodate whatever suits you and your family best.

Absolutely amazing! So grateful for the dedication and care towards my children. Thank you for all of the hard work and effort put towards my kids’ education. Truly recommend!


Hawkeye Education is an amazing tutoring centre! Really great approach in catering to all types of skill level and offers a wide variety of teaching skills that is helpful for all students, allowing them to develop great relationships with their tutor! As a previous student, I would highly recommend this centre to any parents wishing to get there kids started in tutoring. As a person who was not confident in Maths or English, Hawkeye Education definitely helped me succeed during my high school years!


My son is in Year 11 and his Hawkeye Education maths tutor is wonderful. He has really helped my son. We love Hawkeye Education!!