Selective School Tutoring Sydney

Selective School Tutoring in Sydney

If you’ve been searching for the best selective school tutoring that Sydney has to offer, look no further than Hawkeye Education. We deliver exceptional private tutoring services for selective school hopefuls.

Located in Marrickville, Sydney, Hawkeye Education applies a unique holistic approach to the world of tutoring, helping children and their families get the support they need to achieve their max potential in the selective school exam.

Our tutoring strategy has been developed on the basis that encouraging engagement and igniting interest in learning as a whole offers the strongest foundation for academic excellence. What’s more, all of our techniques and teachings are flexible, individually tailored to your child’s needs, skill level, and style of learning.

As an organisation, we specialise in getting Sydney students ready for selective schools, opportunity classes and scholarship opportunities. It’s not just about teaching content; it’s about cultivating a learning environment that builds your child’s confidence to tackle the entrance exam questions with ease.

Selective school tutoring for high-performing students, delivered by excellent tutors at Hawkeye Education in Sydney.

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Flexible Learning


1 on 1 Tutoring


Engaging Lessons


Specialised Selective High School Tutoring

When it comes to private tutoring for entrance into selective schools, no organisation in Sydney does it better than Hawkeye Education. Not only do we deliver academic teachings in a way that is easy to process, but we also instil a strong work ethic and a positive attitude towards learning for all students that we tutor.

Let’s face it – the selective school test is hard. With a pass rate of roughly 30%, even the most academically gifted, high-performing students need to take the time to sufficiently prepare, especially in the increasingly competitive modern schooling landscape. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to develop a specialised, tailorable mode of teaching that gives Sydney selective school hopefuls the best chance of passing with flying colours.

All of our tutors that work with selective school students have been top academic performers through primary, secondary, and tertiary schooling and have a burning passion for learning and educating. But our tutors aren’t just academically gifted, they’re great people who serve as mentors, possessing the ability to inspire all who work with them.  As we believe an ongoing student-mentor relationship is crucial to effective learning, we pair students up with their own private tutor for the duration of their term.

Hawkeye Education’s team of gifted tutors deliver the best selective high school tutoring for students in Sydney.


Choose How You Want to Learn

With Hawkeye Education, your child will learn in a supportive, positive environment that allows them to grow in confidence, not only in their schoolwork but also in themself.

We know that every student and family operate differently, which is why we offer convenient online learning as well as our face-to-face classes in Sydney. Quality tutoring from the comfort of your own home; choose from whatever form best suits you and your child!

At Hawkeye, we work around you, not the other way around. It’s all a part of how we deliver the best tutoring for selective schools in Sydney.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Selective School?

Selective schools were designed to keep gifted students among other gifted students in order to benefit their learning. They offer more difficult subjects and use different teaching methods. These schools perform well every year academically, but are typically quite hard to get into, requiring a placement test. 

How Long Are the Hawkeye Selective School Tutoring Lessons?

Our standard lessons are 1 hour long. We also offer 1.5-hour lessons and recommend them for particular subjects and students!

What Are Your Fees for Selective School Tutoring?

We offer our tailored one-on-one tutoring for selective school hopefuls in Sydney at an affordable rate – fees start from $70 per hour and are purchased within a 10-lesson pack.

Can Your Tutors Come to My House?

We do not offer physical in-home tutoring. However, we do offer online 1 on 1 tutoring that your child can complete from the comfort of your home! If you’re not located in Sydney’s Inner West, or you’re strapped for time - online one-on-one tutoring is super convenient!

How Does Payment Work?

After your free trial is over, you can purchase a 10-lesson pack online and book your lessons for the term using our online scheduling system. This means that you’ll have pre-paid and booked 10 lessons for the term; if you join us mid-way through a term, you will get a discount code to use for the following one.

If you’d like to purchase more than 10 lessons for one primary school term, you can purchase another pack which gives you 20 lessons total, allowing you to book in 2 lessons per week for 10 years.

Do You Offer Online Classes?

Yes, we offer selective school tutoring online! We do provide the convenient option of online learning if this suits you and your child.

Whilst for the most part, we recommend face-to-face learning in Sydney for younger students, as it may be easier to navigate, the choice is entirely up to you and if it works, it works!

What if I Don’t Like My Tutor?

We understand that sometimes there may not be a good connection between students and their tutor. We really want everybody involved to have a positive experience, and if your child would feel more comfortable with a different tutor, there’s no hard feelings, we are able to sort them out with another tutor.

We will reach out after the first lesson to see if it was a good fit and for feedback on how the hour went!

What are Opportunities Classes?

Opportunity classes are found in government primary schools and are made for high-achieving Year 5 and Year 6 students. These classes put academically gifted children in the same classroom and use special teaching methods and content material.

Absolutely amazing! So grateful for the dedication and care towards my children. Thank you for all of the hard work and effort put towards my kids’ education. Truly recommend!


Hawkeye Education is an amazing tutoring centre! Really great approach in catering to all types of skill level and offers a wide variety of teaching skills that is helpful for all students, allowing them to develop great relationships with their tutor! As a previous student, I would highly recommend this centre to any parents wishing to get there kids started in tutoring. As a person who was not confident in Maths or English, Hawkeye Education definitely helped me succeed during my high school years!


My son is in Year 11 and his Hawkeye Education maths tutor is wonderful. He has really helped my son. We love Hawkeye Education!!