How Much Does a Tutor Cost? Tutoring Rates in 2022

Tutoring has continuously operated parallel to the broader education system. Never formally made part of the curriculum or made a requirement, it is an optional extra that can prove beneficial to any student – primary and secondary. According to the latest statistics, around 25% of Australian students are currently involved in some form of additional academic support like tutoring. If you're reading this article, you are likely looking into booking a tutor for your child or children and are now wondering, "how much does a tutor cost?".

Tutors can be instrumental in aiding your child to catch up or even excel further, depending on your child, their curriculum, and their goals. In this guide, Hawkeye Education will break down some of the most significant factors influencing today's tutor rates in Sydney and what you can expect to pay based on your academic circumstances.

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How Much Does a Tutor Cost?

Tutor rates vary depending on the nature, quality and type of tuition given. Typically, a tutor will charge an hourly fee for their services, which may be paid per session or a lump sum after a week or semester of tuition. On average, this hourly fee will range from $40 to $150 per hour. Tutoring has such a high variability because there are many factors involved and many skillsets that different tutors bring to potential students. Level of experience is the most significant factor influencing the answer to "how much does a tutor cost?”.

Factors Influencing Tutor Rates

1. Private Tutoring vs Group Sessions

Private tutoring services are always more expensive than group options. In Sydney, group sessions begin at around $20 per student and may be an ideal solution if you are looking for something more focused than a classroom but not as expensive as one-on-one tutoring. One-on-one tutoring provides more rigorous learning, and this more personalised approach will usually incur fees of well over $50 per hour and up to $150.

2. Tutor’s Experience

The common understanding of tutor rates is that 'you pay for experience', which is largely accurate. The fact of the matter is, not every academic makes a good teacher. It takes a particular person to be able to explain complex theories to a struggling pupil, whether it be for maths, science, or English subjects.

Tutors who have a tertiary qualification and personal experience in studying and teaching subjects will charge more than high school students who are looking to make a bit of weekend money. More specific experience will also increase the pricing; for example, a secondary school Physics-specific tutor will charge a higher fee than a general Science tutor for lower years.

3. Frequency of Sessions 

Tutoring does not have to be a weekly occurrence. Whilst having a frequent routine is beneficial for ongoing learning, it does make tutoring more expensive. Some students opt for a less frequent program, incorporating a tutor when required, such as before big exams or after finishing a section of the course to help retain knowledge.

4. Content Covered

Whether you want your child to have help with the content they receive from their school or whether you want your tutor to develop supplementary content will increase the total cost for the service. More personalised learning techniques require more effort by the tutor to create relevant content outside of the time spent with the student. There are many benefits to this, but it will increase your cost for private tutoring.

5. Tutoring Companies vs Private Tutors

A private arrangement can often be a cheaper option than a tutoring company, as there are fewer overheads for individuals. However, the value for money between the two is disputable. A tutoring company will have fully certified tutors who have increased testimonials for their services. Companies will also do their best to match students to tutors that are the best fit for their learning styles. Private tutors are also subject to other schedules, and any disruption can cause your child to miss out on vital learning.

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Other Considerations

The Price Dictates the Best Option

A common misconception when parents or caregivers search for a tutor is that the most expensive tutor must be the best. As discussed, a more expensive tutor will draw on more experience and higher educational qualifications to justify their price. However, not every teacher is a perfect fit for every student. Sometimes a highly qualified tutor who has spent years teaching may be less helpful than a university student who has a more recent experience of your child's position. When selecting your tutor, make sure they have a good connection to your child, and they feel they are getting the most information out of the tutor.

How Much Does a Math Tutor Cost?

According to Australian tutoring statistics, Maths is the most common subject that students of all ages struggle with. Maths tutoring is a highly demanded skill. The cost of a maths tutor will first be impacted by the level of teaching the tutor will provide. For more comprehensive maths tutoring, hourly rates begin at around $40 for a private tutor. More difficult subjects like Extension 1 and Extension 2 will require a tutor with a greater familiarity with these more advanced equations and will incur a higher fee, sometimes over $100 per hour.

How Much Does Hawkeye Tutoring Cost? 

Tutoring starts at $70 per hour with Hawkeye Education.

At Hawkeye Education, our tutoring is always done one-on-one. We believe this to be the best way of ensuring your child absorbs all content and guarantees a positive learning relationship between tutor and student.

Our fees begin at $70 per hour and can be purchased as part of a ten-lesson pack. Each lesson runs for one hour. Your child will be assigned to the best tutor for their skillset and will be paired with them for all ten classes.

To see if Hawkeye is right for you, you can sign your child or children up for a one-hour free lesson, where they will become accustomed to our teaching style and whether it will prove beneficial. Register for your free trial today to experience the Hawkeye difference.